Donating to YCKC – here’s why:

YCKC, a non-profit, has been dedicated to introducing and developing the Olympic sport of Sprint Canoe and Kayak in Yorkton and District for over 30 years. YCKC is a member in good standing with the provincial and national Olympic governing bodies.

  • YCKC provides affordable programs for all ages, focusing on paddling safety, healthy and active lifestyle, and fun!
  • YCKC coaches and executive members are committed to creating a positive and challenging paddling experience and environment.
  • YCKC athletes make Yorkton proud by representing their club at local, provincial, and national regattas, always competing with sportsmanship and excellence.
  • YCKC offers Dragon Boat training and a chance to race at YCKC’s Annual Dragon Boat Competition. Pull together a dragon boat team of 10-11 paddlers—$40/paddler includes a training session for the team, all paddling equipment, and free entry to the race. Build team spirit and advertise your company at the same time!
  • YCKC actively partners with SASK ABILITIES, Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Scouts, Brownies, Yorkton, Melville and district schools, City of Yorkton SCAPE program, KidSport, etc.

After 30+ years of serving Yorkton and District, YCKC buildings and equipment need replacing/restoring. Below are some of the items we’re looking for:

YCKC Needs:

1.Siding (1500 sq. ft.);
2.Gutter system;
3.Two new exterior doors – 32”;
4.Roofing shingles - Clubhouse and Boathouse;
5.Two exterior door lock and key systems;
6.Durable waterproof flooring (600 sq. ft.);
7.Interior wall application - scratch/dent resistant 800 sq. ft. (paint no longer works);
8.*** Floating Dock - Thanks to 1989 Jeux du Canada Games Foundation!!! 
9.Grass Trimmer;
11.Lattice for base of Clubhouse;
12.***Sidewalk cement blocks so paddlers with disabilities can easily access facilities - THANKS to Doug Riley

YCKC thanks the following organizations for their ongoing support over the years:

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Do you have items that are new or next to it and that you don’t need anymore? YCKC is grateful for all donations! Call us and we’ll arrange to pick items up, OR buy a membership, a T-Shirt or singlet for a kid in need! Thank you for donating to YCKC—Serving your community for over 30 years!

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